Saturday, March 15

The Bunny Slopes

It's a BUNNY!!!

Joe rode for the rest of the day as a decapitated bunny.


6 people bored enough to comment:

Bungalow Ben said...

ROFL -- Thanks so much! I was hoping to see pictures!

Beth said...

Ooops...I totally forgot to mention -- the bunny suit was Ben's idea.
Thanks Ben!

Abbey said...

I love it! Wait, the idea really was Ben's? Oh dear.
Extremely funny, though. I would pay a lot to hear the comments that the operators made about it. :D

Beth said...

The operators there were boring - about all they said was "it's a bunny."

One asian lady came up and asked for a picture with the bunny. She posed next to it pretending to kiss it...now THAT was funny. Too bad that picture isn't on our camera.

Um, one guy asked to put the head on for his kid. The kid got freaked out - "Daddy? Daddy!!?"

Other that that, people just kind of smiled at it and went on their way. Maybe a giant snowboarding bunny isn't as rare as I thought it was?

Bungalow Ben said...

Still looking for that Cookie Monster suit... I bet it would get more attention if it weren't so close to Easter.

Steven said...

I think we really should have used the pyrotechnics display we rigged on the suit.