Saturday, March 15

A-Basin Trip on 3-14

Muchas gracias to Steve for taking the majority of these pictures (and for letting me post them on my blog even though he took them (even though I haven't asked him for permission yet since he isn't home right now)). :D


Listening to heavy metal, Mexican polka, and the Fehrs to keep from falling asleep.

Martian Marcus

"I lost 150 pounds in 2 weeks with Slim-FAST!"
(I forgot my insulated pants, so Steve's coveralls saved the day.)

"Maybe I'll go faster in the orange pair..."

"HE did it!"

Dev stabbing Dave with his ski poles.


The Mountain

Someone tried going down a triple-black (also known as slipping off the lift).

DUDE! Like, totally!
What we all felt like doing on the ride home

The Weavervan wouldn't shift on the way back, but we made it home (slowly) without having to throw anyone overboard to lighten the load.

7 people bored enough to comment:

sarah m said...

Oh man. That had to be fun. Next year I want to try A-basin out...:P

Bungalow Ben said...

All I have to say is "burr" :-) At least it wasn't a blizzard in the middle of January :-)

Ouch -- I wonder if that guy who fell off the lift was alive?

David said...

So much fun! :D (except when "Dev" pinned me to the ground with those ski polls.)

And driving down the mountain in 2nd gear was fun too. yeah. really fun. :-/

Beth said...

Yeah, that was fun on the way back...constantly feeling like we were about to DIE.

Oh, the kid that fell off the lift was ok. ("Ok" as in "not dead"...I don't know how serious it was though.) It happened right in front of Ryan, so maybe he can tell more?

Jack Bauer said...

Not much more, just that she fell and she definitly wasn't dead cause you could here her crying right after the fall...and then i left to go catch another lift ;)

Other than that I had a wonderful time, the powder was simply amazing!

Steven said...

Sure Beth.. No problem! I don't mind.. not one bit. Go right ahead.. heh ha ha hahahahahah!!
I'm not planning any type of revenge or anything.. don't give it another thought.. he hehehehhe..

Beth said...

You making an album of 80some pictures, all with hilarious captions, was revenge enough.