Sunday, March 16

Boarding Bunnies

Now with cheesy music!

Funny Bunny

Body-less Broken-nose Bunny (Farmer Jones came along)

Dancing Body-less Bunny (Me)

Yes, we were all going really slowly...bunny heads aren't really built with clear vision in mind.

6 people bored enough to comment:

Bungalow Ben said...

Oooh! Poor bunny -- it died :(

Good videos, though. Thanks!

Tyler Weaver said...

how much PBS did you have to watch to record that music?

Beth said...

LOL, none thankfully...but hey, maybe I should have used some Boohbahs music!

Rachel W said...

lol.. the music adds alot... king of rabbit town.. hmm... LOL

Farm Boy said...

LOL!! Very good. Very funny. Definitely worth a laugh. Thanks for sharing!

Steven said...

Nice moves Beth!