Tuesday, March 3

Runningo cookie, starto!

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Mr. Worm said...

*Light Headed From Hyperventilation Caused By Too Much Laughing*

Me forget about that one :-) Man, they put a pretty hefty motor on that conveyor belt… That kind of speed at that kind of torque with that kind of acceleration… COOL! I wonder if the Japanese have their own brands of motor controllers? Did they use a 3-phase motor? I bet so… I wonder how many horse it was… Did they have to run a conduit for the power to it?

(A partial demonstration on how weird I am. It all started when I was little. I had a 5,280RPM, 1/3HP, 120V motor and no one but me was impressed. Why, I even knew how to hook up a 7476 J-K Flip Flop and no one was impressed but me. Man. Tough world. I mean, I bet you never even thought of wanting a motor like that and I had one! HA! Take that! Wha? No one’s jealous? MEH! Tough world, tough world.)

Nice video, though :-)