Monday, February 23

Interesting "Toys"

Couldn't leave this one out...

Well, haven't you always wanted a tiny plush ninja?

Apparently 1 out of every 32 children despises Winney the Pooh and prefers toys that make them suicidal.

Shocking Autopsy:
Pulling out body parts is just too gruesome -- how about pulling out murder weapons instead!
And if getting startled by a buzzer when you miss just isn't punishment enough, why not send a jolt of electricity up your arm as well.

Happy Chrismukkah.

This could entertain me for hours.

I think I know that lady...

Mastered golfing? How about challenging yourself with some camoflauge golf balls!

Uh...yeah. I'm guessing it's something from a Disney movie...
If you push a button in back, the "mouth" opens.

Tired of your child playing nicely? Get them the AVENGING UNICORN with not 1, but 3 characters to impale! Not recommended for children under 3 months.

Mr. Bacon and Monsieur Tofu. What could be more fun than a plastic block of angry French tofu?
Aparently Japan wants to make sure every 2-year old knows how to filet a fish properly.

"Mommy! Mommy! I found a kitty on the side of the road that looks just like my toy! Can I keep 'im? Pweeeese!?"

Finally, a toy for the child that wants to wear a hazmat suit when they grow up.

Real nunchucks are too dangerous. Parents should definitely buy these instead.

The nun on the far left seems to be enjoying herself.

At last! No more having to cut off Barbie's head for historical fun -- now you can get your very own Marie Antoinette action figure, complete with a head that flies off!

That's all for now...
If you come across anything else that belongs in this wonderful collection, please send it to me!

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Mr. Worm said...

I MUST HAVE A UNICORN! ... didn't quite make sense because I thought they impaled people vertically... Must have been a little too gory for a kids toy.

LOL! That Nunchuck looks strangely familiar :-) (Did you buy one?) Looks kind of like the matching Pigapult.

I don't like the Ejector head because your sisters can't be really mad at you for popping the head off. (It's easily fixable.)

Good pictures :-) They made me ROFL. Ok, not quite, but close.

MEH! The angry dude is back.