Tuesday, December 16

Hockey at Sprahg Lake

Yes, Sprahg, like the city Prahg.
Ok, ok. Last Friday we went up to Sprague Lake to waste time. Hockey, chair spinning, and injuries were all involved, so it was fungalore.
Here be some pics:

Crazy people:

Maybe Steve will captionitize and post some of the pictures he took...
No guarantees, but bug him enough and it might happen. :-D

3 people bored enough to comment:

Mr. Worm said...


I don't like the look of skates but... that chair... MAN! You could have so much fun. Human bowling... Chair Derby... Crash Dummy... The possibilities are endless!

Abbey said...

You could play bumper-chairs on ice even better!

College Boy said...

Pictures? huh? what? I'm not sure what you are talking about...