Thursday, June 26

Captions please!

What's going on here?
You decide.

Leave a comment with a possible caption (or captions).
The funniest one will get an "LOL."
The one that makes the least sense will get a "Huh?"
The stupidest one will get a "BOOO."
The one that fits the best will get a...uh...um..."I'm Special" award ribbon.

6 people bored enough to comment:

^_^ said...

Luke reacts, after Michael and Ryan describe Missouri, while in the background, Ryan W. tells of his exploits when he was only “THISSsss Tall!”

How many captions are we allowed?

Bitter Beth said...

As many as you want.
(Gulp. :-S)

Nathan's Blog said...

Ryan tells the story of a little dwarf, ("he was only THIS tall,") who was run over by a SUV and then a Hummer; as Luke winces at the recollection of the incident.

Nathan's Blog said...

Ryan tells the story of his first disco lesson, and gives a demonstration of a move called "All Hands On Deck!". Luke recoils at the thought of the chiropractic bill.

Roozer said...

The Morgans look on in admiration while Luke recounts how he felt after his first encounter with chewing tobacco. Meanwhile, Ryan shows an orange-shirted creep how tall Hillary is when she's not using stilts.

Huh... Looks like I need another haircut.

^_^ said...

Michael and Ryan explain the odd smell in the room, while Ryan w. explains that it's hard to pile bodies past 2 feet because of the "slidee factor".