Saturday, May 31

Happy Birthday Becky!

More than likely, you've already seen these.
However, since you're so old now, in your senility you've probably forgotten seeing them.
So, enjoy.
Have a great birthday, or day after your birthday, or birthday week, or birthday month, or birthday year, depending on when you see this, or remember seeing it...

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Abbey said...

LOL-I've seen two people playing one viola and two people trying to play one piano, but I've never seen four people playing one cello. :D

Happy Birthday, Bec! Just try not to remind yourself your life is nearly done.

Anonymous said...

Not the Ravel Bolero!!!!
That's one piece I couldn't forget even if I tried. My only consolation is that someday, maybe, I can forget it without trying.
Thank you so much for you warm, heartfelt birthday wishes... :D


rachel w said...

Wow!...LOL.... I never seen such interesting violins, cello, or viola!

Dumb Bro said...

Nice! A 5-string cello! Hey, even electric cellos have their "sweet spots" :D

Happy barfday, Beck! :P

Steven said...

Dear Becky,
I hope you get well soon.. er.. wait.. wrong format.. Hold on one minute...........
OK! there we go..

Happy Becky, Birthday!
OLD! AGE! Two horrid words... combine them and you have what you have now. OLD AGE!
Just Joshin'

Enjoy the cake and have a good one! (Birthday that is)

satire and theology said...

Musically diverse.:)