Sunday, May 11


My brain is currently as inactive as this guy's hair follicles.
I don't know what to post.
Leave a comment and tell me.

21 people bored enough to comment:

Steven said...

Sally Struthers.

Steven said...

Ok, ok.. bad idea.
Better one, the effects of peanut butter, Krista's special cheese, and butter.

Steven said...

Ok, ok.. sorry..

you will need 4 things to accomplish this:

2.Toy gun
4.Ability to run really fast

Steven said...

WAIT, Just incase you took me seriously.. On that last one, make sure to ask someone in the bank for money.

Steven said...

Ok, fine.
Real suggestion.

Blog about the different ways to get arrested and then try them to see which is the most effective.

Steven said...

Wait, I think there's got to be something better than getting arrested.

I would suggest, trying different material for parachutes, by recording yourself jumping off the roof while holding the test material.

Steven said...

For this suggestion you will need 9 things listed below 10th is optional.

1. piece of fruit
2. baseball bat
3. explosive device
4. butternut squash
5. dishwasher rack
6. witnesses
7. snow cone
8. a small child
9. a small handheld tazer
10. (optional) helium balloon

Steven said...

I forgot to note, that if you get the above together, let me know and we'll meet in a city park at precisely 11:23 PM

Idiotboy said...

Blog on how much your brother comments :D

LOL -- Turn it into a completely random and boring blog like mine!

Jack Bauer said...

Any of Steve's ideas will work, though the getting arresting thing sounds like the most fun!!!!

either that or you could just post random things and turn your blog into one like Idiotboy's...oops he just posted that!!!

Abbey said...

I think Steve has just about got it figured out...

Write a post on the joys of "sleeping" next to a squeaky wheel. *yawn...*

Steven said...

Seems like everyone here is somewhat imaginationless, so, this leaves me to give you more REALLY GREAT IDEAS!

Blog post title "the effects of low and high voltage"
What you will need

1. A small brown mouse
2. A plastic fork
3. A oversized pair of scissors
4. A college party
5. A nearby power plant
6. A 9 volt battery

Good luck!

Idiotboy said...

Correction - white mouse. Electrons are scared of brown (field) mice.

Idiotboy said...

Actually, the more I think about it, hunting those grass-guzzling Canadian Geese in parks would be really cool... :D

Idiotboy said...

Funny pic, BTW :-)

Abbey said...

Careful what you say, Ben. Those goose-chasing animal lovers from Kenya may appear with turbins at your door! Scary...They may even be our cousins!

Idiotboy said...

ROFL -- Yeah... Hey, that's what you can post on, Beth! My Mom's cousin's husband is a vet in Kenya and was asked to give kemo therapy to a goose. :D

Farm Boy said...

You're on a trip, right? Blog on the road. That is so IN nowadays!

Looney Louie said...

Too lazy.

Beth said...

Sorry everybody, but I think I'm going to have to stop at Idea #1.
Idea #2 is just too graphic to post, and I can't find a dishwasher rack or an oversized pair of scissors necessary to carry out the other suggestions.

I'll still do the research on being arrested though, as long as someone can provide bail and/or bribe money.

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