Sunday, March 15


Or doughnuts, if you prefer.
(I think doughnuts might be healthier than donuts, so lets go with that.)

Here are some pictures from the fun yesterday, taken by several different people.
Sarah M., perhaps still on sugar-overload, was nice/crazy enough to agree to doing the work of captionitizing, so I didn't have to. (Hoorah!)

Thanks to the Langemann Family for hosting it and filling us all full of doughnutty goodness!

6 people bored enough to comment:

sarah m said...

Hey... you did at least 2 of those captions. Don't go blaming me for doing them all. :P

Sarcastic Sally said...

You're right...I did 3! Yahoo!
Wait, no, 4! WOW!

Ok, now everyone will just blame you for most of them.

Steven said...

LOL, great fun!
Good pictures and GREAT captions!

Mr. Worm said...

Cool! How many pounds of sugar did ya'll go through? :-)

Anonymous said...


Mr. Worm said...

What's with the bacon, anyway? :-)