Friday, February 27

What's wrong with this picture? A post dedicated to the victims of Photoshop

Ok, I guess I better add some explanations...

Hopefully everybody got this one...

And this one..

I'm not sure I understand this one myself...

Excellent job of pasting two separate people into one picture...minus the fact that one arm has a jacket and the other doesn't.

"Look, all but Daddy's hand has gone invisible!"

I can't tell if the guy is wondering how the mole suddenly changed location, or wondering if he just saw it growing.

For only $49.85 get your very own magic SD card! Looks like an 8 gig, but acts like a 4 gig! Get yours today!

Well trained models can hover over their legs rather than actuallly standing on them, unlike all us ugly people who have continuous legs.

This one takes some thought... That is one impressive camera-phone though -- I don't think even SLRs can do that trick.

"Sho ju ar sayink dat if you eat too mach Strudel, yoor handz will get hyooge? Brilliant!

This striped denim skirt is a must-have for this Spring from the Gap Rickets Collection.

DenShield. Paste on a white smile to your pasted-on face.™

Take it off, and keep it off! Not only the weight, but your skin pigment and belly button too!

I would buy it if you could actually hover over it like that.

Wohltuende Geuchtigkeit Und Amputate! JYAH! Das ist GUD!

6 people bored enough to comment:

Steven said...

Apparently for the backpack lounger on amazon, you can upload your own images.. but still funny. :)

Here's the right picture


You can click through the pictures, and see the odd one. :)

Mr. Worm said...

Since I'm a dumbo, I didn't get a lot of them, but the ones I did get were really funny! :-)

Jack Bauer said...

I think the one with the laptop is the laptop is showing her true reflection or something like that cause the girl in the laptop has the universities shirt on...

Jack Bauer said...

either that or someone is standing behind her that looks like a zombie...either way it's funny!

Sarcastic Sally said...

Lol, I think you're right about it being someone standing behind her.

Must be the infamous Towson Zombie -- the student that mysteriously disappeared one day during Chemistry lab and now can only be seen in reflections...

Sorry, I'm bored. :-P

Anonymous said...

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