Saturday, February 14

Happy 80th Anniversary!

February 14th, 1929
Chicago, Illinois, Garage of the SMC Cartage Company

Six members of Bugs Moran's Irish Mob and a mechanic were inside.

Two members of Al Capone's Mafia (Bugs's rival) entered the garage, dressed as policemen.

Bugs's gang thought they were actually policeman, and obeyed their orders to line up against the wall.

The "policemen" then let two plain-clothesed gang members into the garage through the rear door.

Armed with shotguns and Tommy guns, they opened fire.

The four were able to leave the scene quietly by having the pair of men in plain-clothes escorted out by the pair dressed as police.

When the real police arrived, one of the dying men was asked who shot him. He replied "I'm not gonna talk - nobody shot me."

There was one survivor - a German Shepherd named Highball, found trapped and howling under a beer truck.

Happy Valentine's Day!!
(And yes, you have seen this before, and yes, if my blog sticks around, I am going to post this every year, because we all need some morbidity on a day so full of MUSH.)

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Steven said...

Er.. yeah.. Um.. ok. :)
I'm glad you decided to re post this..

Good, good.

Mr. Worm said...

I wonder what I said last time...

LOL! Good one.

KODOL! I like it.

Maybe even a different phrase?

Ok, ok, I'll stop giving you grief.

Still, it's kind of funny. It's hard to believe the blogs started over a year ago. :-)

Sarcastic Sally said...

Mwahaha! Deletion powers!

Mr. Worm said...

Thanks :-)