Tuesday, December 9

Trail Ridge Road

Last Saturday we drove up to Estes Park and Trail Ridge Road (the part that was still open, anyway). No, this isn't the road.

A huge herd of Elksen were out; this is probably a 1/4 of them. (And yes, they are elksen. It's a special breed of elk that only I can identify.)

There were some great views.

But... we quickly got tired of the scenery and built a snowman.

Let that be a lesson to you to always keep vegetable trays in your cars. You never know when you're going to need tomato snowman eyeballs.

From there, it only got crazier.
I'll spare you from the rest.

3 people bored enough to comment:

Mr. Worm said...

Man... Wasn't it a little cold up there? :-) Cool place, though :-)

Snowman... I bet a dog will lick its face off :-) It will probably sublimate, not melt :-P

Abbey said...

ooooh! You got the joys of doing Trail Ridge! Man, why didn't you shoot one of those Elksen and bring it back to eat? I've heard that Elksen are much better than elk.

College Boy said...

The reason we didn't get any Elksen was because I ran into the heard screaming "MOMMY" and they all ran off.