Monday, December 1

Nerd Camping

Go to Steve's Blog for an alternate version, but here's the REAL story.

Joe and I were mall-walking, when suddenly my toes froze and started falling off. I couldn't walk any further, so we had to stay where we were -- in front of Office Depot.

Luckily, we had all this stuff with us:

So began the Nerd Camping.

We ate wholesome food (There's a picture of corn on the back! It has to be good for you!) and did math exercises for fun!

Yes, that is a computer and 22" monitor in a tent. No, those aren't cheetos.

Steve Dawg Son Boi, a famous rap star, walked by for no apparent reason, saw how much fun we were having, and crashed the party.

A bum came along looking for cans in the shopping carts. We asked him to join us.

Steve Dawg Son Boi gave us some entertainment.

Steve Dawg Son Boi wouldn't stop entertaining us, despite being kindly asked not to.

10 hours in, the nerd party was still going. Tyler played a game called "Memorize the IPs" while I played Air-COD4.

Joe played the "Visualize the Algorithms" game.

Around 4:30, we looked outside our tent to find a huge line. The brilliant mob was lining up across the drive-lane rather than wrapping around the building on the sidewalk.

The line turned out to be for Best Buy (visible in the distance), where Steve Dawg Son Boi was scheduled to have a concert. We were under the Office Depot awning seen in the foreground.

Eventually Office Depot opened and we went in for no reason. The guy in the black baseball hat was upset to find out he was in the wrong place to hear the Steve Dawg Son Boi concert.

An hour later we somehow walked out with laptops.

Like we said last year... Never again.

3 people bored enough to comment:

Abbey said...

Wow - three posts in one night!

It's good you happened to have everything with you on your mall walk - you could've frrozen out there in the cold!

Steve Dawg Son Boi said...

Yo, dat was a great concert yo.
Word, all y'all's dis be sweet. I be glad dat all dems peps show to my sing song time. De song dat realli had d most impact on me while I be singing, was mary had her little lamb yo.


Mr. Worm said...

Hehe, looks like just as much fun as always :-)

I heard the sales weren't as good this year :'(