Tuesday, December 2

Audio Clip of the Week

The Drunk Organist

(We'll see how long this series lasts... I'm guessing it'll be about 3 weeks before I get too lazy and quit.)

5 people bored enough to comment:

Abbey said...

LOL - kind of got to wonder if the choir was drunk too - they didn't even appear to notice what was going on. Kind of reminds of "O-mazing Grace." :D

College Boy said...

MMmmmm... I don't know what you guys are talking about, I thought it was great!

Anonymous said...

Kids will do anything for a cup of kool aid.

Mr. Worm said...

Man, das est funny, yah?

That sounds like me wishing I had my shotgun in the early morning on the way to the dam:

K-E-Y-E! 98.1FM! More music, less talk. *boom* ... just two kids *boom* trying to save eachother! *boom* You should have seen it in color! K-E-Y-E! 98.1FM! If only I hadn't been selfish and cared about her more than myself... Then maybe she would still be here. K-E-Y-E! 98.1FM! The best (and only) dam radio station. (Everyone thinks they're so origonal :-)

Why does everyone in my group love country?

LOL -- Man, ok... That was a long rant. I must need bed. Bed NOW!

College Boy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAH! Dam! hahhahahahahhah! whew... whew.. whew... Yeah, sounds like you are having too much fun there Ben..
(country is the best music ever)