Monday, November 24


Wow, it's been a LONG time since I posted last! Sorry...
No, no, I'm not sorry I didn't post. I'm sorry I'm posting again.
Just when you thought my pointless posting was gone for good -- mwahahahaha!

Ok, so after 2 months of posting nothing, it shouldn't be so hard to think of
something, but I guess I just don't know where to start.

Welp, you can never go wrong with a JAPANESE VIDEO!

In my MASSIVE amounts of free time over the last few months, I've enjoyed watching a few (cough more than a few cough) Japanese TV clips. I even learned some Japanese! (cough 3 words or so cough) Itadakimasu!
Anyway, I'll try to post some of my favorites every once in a while.

Other than that, I haven't really done much. Well, there it that whole college thing... but other than that, I've mainly been sleeping all day. Oh, I do get plenty of exercise. I walk at least 6 times a day from my bed to the fridge and back.

Anyway, here are some smidgens of the kinds of thing I've been working on when not sleeping or watching Japanese videos:

Stupid Pages

Stupid Presentations

Stupid Projects

Stupid Psummaries

Stupid Plans

And I'm paying to do this!?
Wow. I'm crazier than the guys in white coats originally thought.

Ok, it's been a good experience, but more than anything it's been exhausting. Stress tends to take the fun out of things. I'm looking forward to next semester though; it shouldn't be nearly as hectic. (Wait, I'm involved. Of course it's going to be hectic!) Anyway, I have this entire week off for Thanksgiving, then I go back for 1 more week to present some final projects (that I have yet to finish), and then I'm DONE (until January...).


Hey, these might come in handy next semester:

Well, that's all for now. I haven't talked to any of you in a while, so leave a comment to let me know if you're still alive (even after reading this post).

6 people bored enough to comment:

Thingkon said...

Clear evidence of why Japan ranks fifth in heart attack risk.


Abbey said...

A post? YAHOO!

"Perhaps you should consider moving to Japan." LOL

Wow, I never realized that much thought went into designing senior housing!

Sarcastic Sally said...

"Excellent idea, Abbey. I can see you are good at making suggestions. ;)"

Abbey said...

"Your username fits you. Perhaps you should consider starting a blog just for sarcasm. Looking back on the work you've had to do for school, it is no wonder you have not been able to keep up your blog."

There are several other things I really want to say, but I guess I shouldn't... :P

College Boy said...

Back to school knifes.. they slice, they dice, they... well, yeah, what serial killer / student wouldn't want a great deal?

I agree with Abbey, though, I'm guessing it would mostly be like your normal attitude. :P

Mr. Worm said...

Is it national "Be mean to Beth" day or what? :-)

Oooh! That's cool!

Why don't we get cool TV shows? (I like it!)

Man, that school stuff looks like a lot of work. Did you have to take a drafting class? Looks pretty cool, though :-) (I know... School is never fun or cool.)

YAHOO! Back to school knives! Do they have back to school guns, too? If so, I'm dropping out of work and going back to school.

Thanks for the post! :-)