Tuesday, August 26

Water World

I had a great time at Water World last Saturday with some friends, but there are some things I learned that may benefit others planning to go:

1. Don't go on a Saturday.
2. Don't go on a day with a 50% chance of rain.
3. Take a bath in sunscreen before you go.
4. If you're over 400 pounds, please don't wear a skimpy swimsuit.
5. Once there, avoid contact with the "water" if at all possible.
6. If you must enter the water, don't get it in your mouth.
7. If you do get it in your mouth, find a shady spot, lie down with your arms crossed mummy-style, and prepare for a quick (and hopefully painless) death.
8. Don't go to the top of a ride before you've found out if it requires a tube.
9. Be aware that wave pools and the Zoomerang were invented by orthopedists who needed clients.
10. Be prepared to have a LOT of fun, especially if you go with good friends. :-D

No, I didn't record those -- I like my camera too much to take it to "Water" World.

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A Nut said...

The way you were describing the water to me, I was expecting to see black mush instead of nice blue water in the videos. Are you sure you went to the right place??

Abbey said...

I love being one of those people who stands in the middle of the wave pool and stops all the tubes...I wish. I HATE TUBES! If they don't kill you from scraping you on the bottom, they kill you from suffocation. :-/

Anonymous said...

That was the most awesome belly flop ever!

Mr. Creep said...
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Deaf Beth said...

Steve doesn't need to go now that I used up our free tickets. :-P

Yup, it rained, but not till 4:00, so we got enough done...

Oh man...it was so funny...
There were some really big guys going on the Zoomerang while we were waiting in line for it. They got it all the way up the other side and then some. Everybody cheered/clapped/laughed for/at them.

Mr. Creep said...
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Abbey said...

Go get 24 oz. of water dumped on your head. :-/ Hey, that gives me an idea...

I didn't know it was possible for someone to make it that far on the zoomerang! We only made it a little past the lifeguard (assuming that the lifeguard stands in the same place).

Deaf Beth said...

Lol...do it Abs!

Yeah, it's possible, if the combined weight on the inner tube is over 1/2 a ton. :-D
(Like I said, they were BIG guys.)

Ben, Friday will come after Thursday.

Mr. Creep said...
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Anonymous said...