Monday, August 25

New Post?

Not really.

Pre-new-post post?


If I ever get caught up on my homework (I'm only a week into my classes and I'm already falling behind -- brilliant!), I might post something.

What will I post?

I don't know.

Maybe I'll post about my preferential shapes project, so you can learn all about me and my INNER PLUS SIGN!
(Bwaa ha ha. College is dumb. I quit.)

Or maybe I'll post on all the wonderful organizations I'm learning about that are saving our environment with GREEN DESIGN! OOooOOOoohh!
(Bwaa ha ha. College is dumb. I quit.)

I need a camera phone.
"Cool" people are hilarious.
(I'm majoring in Interior Design, which means my classes are at ACC's Art and Design Center. There seems to be an unspoken requirement for entering the building -- wearing odd clothing that is either way too big or way too small. For the girls there's a more specific rule -- all shoes worn must be either impossible to walk in, or must have come from the set of The Wizard of Oz. Thankfully I got a "Home Edjumacated" tattoo on my forehead, so I'm odd enough for them to let me in regardless of apparel.)

Anyway, if you have any ideas/requests for my next post, please leave a comment or complaint.

This Pre-new-post post is USGBC approved!
(In other words -- it's POINTLESS!)
I'm very sorry if you read any of the above.

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Mr. Creep said...
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Abbey said...

Dude! I new post! I think you should have a post begging people to give you money for a phone with a camera. That way you could post pictures! Happy thought indeed!

Mr. Creep said...
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