Sunday, June 15

Windy Windsor

On his way home from work in Ft. Collins, my dad took a detour through Windsor and snapped some pictures as he drove. Tornados make almost as much of a mess as I do.

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thekingpin68 said...

I have never 'met' a tornado, and have no desire to. We are spoiled by pretty moderate weather here in BC.

Roozer said...

That's pretty amazing! Thanks for posting and thank your dad for taking the pictures! (If you feel like it and you remember and you get around to it... but, hey! It's Father's Day, so thank him anyway! :D)

Abbey said...

Wow. Looks like a fun mess to clean up... almost as fun as it would be to create!

Someone Once said...

I like the pictures.
Thanks for posting

rachel w said...

COooool.... nice pictures...!

We went threw the town a few days after it happened they had tons of people still working on cleaning it up.... but we wern't smart enough to take pictures... :(

I've never seen a tornado... but my cousins saw that one (they live 5 min away from Windsor)