Friday, May 2

May Day 2008

May Day at our house:

May Day at other houses:

May Day from a different point of view:

9 people bored enough to comment:

Benjanerd said...

ROFL -- As I said before, I was feeling pretty dumb :D

Thanks! That was funny!
(Ben decides he needs tons of automatic cameras at their house.)

Abbey said...

LOL-nice. I still can't believe we didn't see you on the roof.

I like Steve saying, "I think we got away."

Happy carrot eating!

Steven said...

Those were some great comments on the pictures, I had almost forgotten how fun 2006 was.
Thanks Beth!

Ben, you sir, have nothing to feel dumb about! that was by far, the funniest thing I have ever seen..
The rest room garage sale takes the cake.. I still wish toppy was in working order, but even as he was it was still pretty cool!

Jack Bauer said...

Those bikes were sooo cool!!!!

Very cool pictures and it looks like 2006 was pretty funny

Benjanerd said...

BWAAAA, HAAA, HAAA, HA! A megaphone for midgets!

Glad to see you're enjoying your... house toy so much!

rachel w said...

LOL.. Great Pix!

twas a fun day!

devon said...

beth beth beth killing poor innocent toys how could you? didn't you ever see the movie toy story?

Joe H. The telemarketer stick said...

MMMMM.... Carots

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