Monday, April 21

Birthday Necessities

Congratulations Ryan -- you are now older than you were, but younger than you will be!

However, a birthday just isn't a birthday without the following:

Cake, of course

No, not an Asian guy -- the ice cream

Balloon Animals
(It's a snake!)

A giant bouncy castle

A LAN party

Since you just got your license, you need a NEW CAR!
(New to you...)

A food fight


How could you pass that up?

Tickets to the Midget Tossing World Championships
(It is real, by the way.)

A blog post that wishes you a happy birthday

(Unfortunately, I'm too poor to give presents, so you're going to have to buy everything yourself. Except for the last one. Happy birthday!! :-)

7 people bored enough to comment:

Farm Boy said...

ROTFL to that last photo. It's so true, it's funny!

Jack Bauer said...


I couldn't pass up the Gorilla Playing Saxophone with balloons but my parents could :(

And i'm going to get my monkeys working on my blog very soon :P

Benjanerd said...

ROFL -- Funny!

Benjanerd said...

You figued out how to change the post time, too? :D

Steven said...

LOL, I like it.. I think this should be the mandate for all parties.

Anonymous said...

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