Saturday, March 1


After our dearly departed Lakeside office became unavailable for LAN games, we had lost all hope of ever killing our friends again...
Yesterday, however, the Travers sensed our despair and came to our rescue! That magnificent evening had finally arrived! That glorious Friday night when we could once again waste time in a most enjoyably violent manner.
They set up tables and computers, and actually let us into their house! Not only that - they gave us food!
PIZZA! POP! OREOS! CHEETOS! CARROTS! (Yes, carrots, and they were by far the best carrots I've ever had.)
In addition to letting us invade their home and eat their food, they lowered themselves to our cave-man mentality and played along with us.
It was a TOTALLY AWESOME fun-filled time of crazed clicking that can't happen again for another 4 years. :-P
Thanks again guys!

Getting ready to go -- Joe trying to squeeze into the one tiny spot in our huge van that didn't have a computer or monitor on it.
Steve's 22" baby safely buckled in for the ride.
We had to stop for gas on the way...I forgot how much fuel
a big-kahuna van takes. (We haven't driven it for quite a while.)
Yeah, that's it for the photos. I'm guessing the Travers probably don't want their pictures posted on my blog -- it would be evidence that they associate with us Hamvas Hooligans.
Without pictures, they can still deny the event ever happened.
(That, and by the time I thought to take pictures there, we had already packed up. :-P)

12 people bored enough to comment:

Anonymous said...
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David said...
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Beth said...

BAG...great previous comment! (I see why you deleted it though. ;-)

But, if I turned on word verification I would lose 90% of my commenters. :-P

Plus, the names are getting more fun to say. This particular one made me want to do a magic trick -- watch me make his post disappear -- Ala KAZAHN!

Steven said...

Hello, sorry. Please Click Here.

YEah.. Games were fun! I really had a blast! Well, I don't know if I had a blast.. can you have a blast? I had a great time, that I can say with much resolution.

Bungalow Ben said...

Uh… I think she got her story mixed up. (We tend to have a very confusing influence on people.) Here’s how the story really went:

I send email to these guys telling them that if they didn’t lower themselves to our level and come and entertain us by playing games at no cost, we’d send out all sorts of blackmail material, get them excommunicated, etc. They were smart enough to realize they had no alternative, so they reluctantly came and served us for many hours, lugging tons of equipment over here at no cost. Once we were done with them, we hypnotized them to make them think they had a great time and ate lots of food (which of course wasn’t true) and then we sent them home. Oh, we also required Joe to bring cookies.

Jack Bauer said...

Well, we didn't come so I'm waiting to get excommunicated and etc.

I hope we will be able to come over to the next hypnotizing...uh...i mean Lan party(stupid school)

Beth said...

Maybe you can write a research paper on the effects of hypnotiz-- I mean LAN games on small children (Ben and Steve), and count the party AS school.

Anonymous said...


Beth ++
Ben --
Steve --

Abbey said...

Hey, it was a blast. Thanks for putting up with Beck and my stupidity with having no clue what's going on~ever. We'll have to do it again soon.

Steven said...

Ben and Steve --!??
Oh, contraire my unruly friend.
You have it all wrong.

steve = insane

if(steve == sane)
steve ++
else steve --

while (true)
Ben ++

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