Monday, February 11

Ok, so it wasn't the only post.

Yes. I am insane. (As if anyone doubted that.)

I bought a snowboard. (Yes, yes, I can hear the stifled laughter already.)

Hopefully I'll snap it in half the first time I use it like my brother did. Then I'll never have to waste money on lift tickets and hand warmers again.
It's a 147 cm (I'm short) Never Summer (unfortunately it will be soon), supposedly in excellent condition (I haven't gotten it yet).
It's also known as an "old and ugly slidey thing to kill yourself on."

The back looks somewhat nice. The front looks like it should be 18th century curtains. The good news it that the back is all people will see, considering I'll be stuck head-first in the snow piles on either side of the run for 90% of the time.

Ok, well, maybe the next post will actually be worth reading.
Maybe the next post will also have fewer parentheses.
(Don't count on it.)

7 people bored enough to comment:

Steven said...

Lovely carpet, simply lovely.

Bungalow Ben said...

You are not crazy. You are smart enough to be able to appear crazy without actually being crazy. :-)

David said...

What? No anonymous comments? BAG!

Abbey said...

Beth isn't worth giving anonymous comments to because she could figure out whose they are. :S

LOL-I agree with Ben. Great blog. Keep up the good work. lol I only started a blog just to catalogue all my boring lectures I like to give. That way, when I want to start lecturing someone, I can just refer them to a particular post. :P

Having your head in the snow is fun!!

Jack Bauer said...

sounds like your going to need a head warmer!!!

good luck snowboarding ;)

Tyler Weaver said...

awesome snakeskin/colorado never summer board.

as far as i hear they are the greatest boards made.

hope you get alot of chances to use it... you'll love it and enjoy laughing at all the stupid skiiers who have never seen the light.


dum, dum said...

nice board!.....Enjoy Snowbaording!