Wednesday, February 13

Long Stupid Laptop Rant

I bought a laptop on eBay about 2 months ago.
This laptop. --->
It was advertised as New, Sealed in Box, with Window Vista Ultimate. I received the laptop after about a month, but I didn't mind the wait since I got such a good deal.

That is, until I opened it. The laptop's one year warranty expires in 5 months. It's complete with chips and dents, a delicious smokey smell, and Windows Vista Ultimate...with no COA. WHAT A DEAL!

It was already past the seller's "7 day return policy", and they had seemed like decent and reasonable people (they claimed they didn't know much about laptops, thought is was new enough to list as new in the box since is had a box, and apologized), so I emailed them asking for the COA. ( I figured I'd sell the copy of Ultimate to make up for the laptop being used, since it also has a copy of Premium on it. It would still be a good deal that way.)

after many sevral emails that went something liek this they said no and that i am asking to mcuh for what i paid and that this ain't the swapmeet and i must have lost my mind so why am i asking for that stuff kind of things like that ok.
That wasn't getting me anywhere, so I opened a PayPal dispute. After another couple weeks of them not cooperating, oddly enough, they escalated the dispute to a claim (meaning that PayPal decides who wins). They also were kind enough to leave me my first negative feedback out of 600 positives. The PayPal claim is still being reviewed by their super special specialists.

In the meantime, I listed a different laptop on eBay to sell. It sold within a day! This wonderful buyer was "702iamascammer702" named Elvis Presely, living in Las Vegas. No big deal, right? I've dealt with scammers before....just report 'em and let eBay take care of everything. Well, it was no big deal until I noticed something...the wonderful seller in the story above just happened to be "rachiele702" and live in Las Vegas.

Of course, nothing could be proved, so all I got back was my eBay "final-value-fees" for the laptop I listed, and 702iamascammer702 & rachiele702 are still allowed to lurk in the dark alleys of eBay.

Last night I listed the laptop again.
It sold this morning! YAY!
Take a guess at the buyer...
They've already left negative feedback claiming I sent them "a laptop with no COA and is pirated!"


4 people bored enough to comment:

Bungalow Ben said...

WOW! I'm impressed. They won't leave you alone, will they. I bet they had a grand-ol-laugh when they won it again. Just call it quits now and sell it on Craig's List. (J/K)

Abbey said...

lol Way to go, Beth!

Beth said...

Yahoo! I can prove they are the same person! I searched through all my emails from rachiele702. The email address for 702iamascammer702 is the same as one of the many that rachiele702 used. Ebay still hasn't done anything about it though...
* Sings Jeopardy song *

Oh, and thanks for your encouragement Abs! :P

Steven said...

WOO HOO! that is fantastic!
Just feel encouraged.. because it always gets worse before it gets better.

(was that encouraging?)