Sunday, February 17


Oh Glorious Day!

Yesterday I “achieved” level 55 of Call of Duty 4’s multiplayer online game. Not much of an achievment at all, but it means several things:

-I reached the highest rank in the game, and now can use better weapons. Hoorah.

-I have 6 fingers and a thumb that have excellent reflexes.

-I can type “Good Game” in about 1 second.

-I am skilled in something that has absolutely no value in the real world.

-I have no life. (Lives are overrated anyway…)

-I am an official Time Waster Champion of the World!!!

-Obviously, I have no other ideas for a post. So this is whatchya get.

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Bungalow Ben said...

I ain't ever playing with you, that's for sure. In fact, I just sold my copy on ebay for $65.79. No use keeping it if I've had it for 6 months and haven't even installed it yet.

Hey, day-to-day life is a cool blog topic :-)

Anonymous said...
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Steven said...

Poor Beth.
Congtatulations, now you can be deemed a "gamer" Good Game.
SEEK HELP HERE Or find out more about your addiction HERE

sarah m said...

Mmm. Sounds delightful. Just delightful.

Bungalow Ben said...

I'm glad you have a brother as caring as Steve -- overcoming gaming addiction is almost as bad as loosing a loved one. I know it can be tough, but I'm sure you'll thank yourself in the long run.

Jack Bauer said...

Congrats...I'm still on lvl 50 but I'm moving along at a pretty explosive pace :P

U now have to make a new account and beat it again until Call of Duty 5 comes out :D

Beth said...

Great idea Jack!! I'll start tonight!

Yes Sarah, it is delightful. Those who say otherwise simply have not experienced its delightful delightfulness. One day...one day they will see the light.

And Steve...I was classified as a gamer LONG before this.
Thanks for the links though...I'll be sure to refer you back to them soon. :P

Tyler Weaver said...

lol... congrats though... what guns do you have blue stripe in?